An informed community ready for dialogue is indispensable to development of the sector. SICUREZZA is packed with opportunities for training, picking up tools for assessing market trends, learning best practice and understanding every aspect of the technological solutions available today.

Here the events already scheduled:


Cyber Security Village - pav. 5, V28-Z21
by Digitalic

Riding on the wave of the growing integration between ICT and security, the ICT Security Village event, organised by Digitalic, is now in its third edition. A dedicated area in which important international players within the IT sector and Digitalic partners will present the most innovative solutions in terms of cyber security products, video surveillance, IoT, storage, and connectivity. Also appearing will be Pepper the humanoid robot.


Ecosystem Village – The strength of the community - pav. 5, M14-N17
by Fiera Milano in collaboration with Milestone System

Returning for the third year at SICUREZZA is the Ecosystem Village, a dedicated area for the ecosystem of Milestone Systems partners.
With technological innovations, demo areas, training events and opportunities for business networking, the Village will be exhibiting the application potential of integrated solutions born of collaboration between different technological partners. Because it is precisely by integrating different skills, technologies and areas of expertise that unique and effective new ideas emerge.
An ideal arena to meet up and discuss innovation and culture within the sector; the initiative will offer real opportunities to get to know each other and to build and cement business relationships, combining conviviality with professionalism through both informal and business meetings, and sharing products and potential ideas for projects.


New Materials for a Smart City, pav. 3, H11-L20
By Material ConneXion Italia

The ‘New Materials for a Smart City’ initiative, organised by Material ConneXion Italia, will take place as part of SICUREZZA and Smart Building Expo. The area will be divided into four macro-sections – Advanced Building, Systemic City, Smart Living and Circular Materials – which alternate tabulae from the Material ConneXion library, the most important international consultancy network for innovative and sustainable materials and production processes, with solutions proposed by companies that have developed ‘smart’ materials with functional applications, suited to our new urban and domestic lifestyle. To complete this journey, case studies on materials, technologies and projects will be included in modules reminiscent of the building’s structure and distributed so as to create a small urban environment, where advanced solutions for the creation of systems for interaction, natural lighting and water purification can be explored. The area will also present the ‘Sharing Cities’ project, funded by the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, intended to build a zero-emission ‘Smart Neighbourhood’, to test innovative solutions to respond to the main environmental challenges facing cities and improve the quality of life of their inhabitants. ‘New Materials for a Smart City” is divided into four sections:

  • Advanced Building
    Advanced construction materials for infrastructures, shells and interiors; technical and ‘smart’ products for erecting, restoring and improving buildings and living conditions, from acoustics and lighting to air quality.
  • Systemic City
    ‘Smart’ solutions for the health and wellbeing of the city-environment, the management of mobility, waste and signage, the exchange of information and data and the new interconnected urban lifestyle.
  • Smart Living
    Materials, treatments and semi-manufactures, high and low-technologies that improve the qualities of our everyday objects: from the home to the work and outdoor environments.
  • Circular Materials

Materials that make the principles of the circular economy their own, since they are made, entirely or in part, of pre and post-consumption waste or originate from rapidly renewable resources.

Security for Retail Show -  essecome stand, pav. 7, N11-P16
by essecome/securindex.com

Security in shops, shopping centres and retail distribution is a current topic that involves not only industry operators but also the public. To meet this demand, essecome/securindex.com has contributed to establish the Association Laboratorio per la Sicurezza (Laboratory for Security), which beings together retail security professionals and aims to become a point of reference for the distribution world and define general standards and regulations. The Association will participate in SICUREZZA 2017 within the Security for Retail Show. The third edition of this event will be dedicated to security solutions in commerce and large retailers. Taking place on 15 November, the initiative will be an opportunity for retail professionals and technology producers to exchange views and get an overview of tailor-made outlet solutions and dedicated vertical solutions. In brief, it will be the place where new ideas meet new requirements.


SICUREZZA Drone Expo - pav.5, U21-T32. Fly zone - pav. 3, U21-Z30​
by Mediarkè

Fire Service drones on the rubble of Amatrice and the Rigopiano hotel, police drones in the sky over Taormina during the G7, Italian Red Cross drones for Pope Francis’ visit to Bologna. Italy is witnessing an increase in events in which the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) has proved very useful for the needs of the police, rescue and civil protection organisations.
Over ten years ago, this country was the first in Europe to acquire the capacity for monitoring by remote-controlled aircraft, with large-scale Predator drones used not only by the Italian Air Force, but also for police work. The market for drones for security and civil protection is destined to grow again, along with its applications: criminal investigations, intelligence, civil protection, monitoring of migration flows, control of critical infrastructure and major events, protection of cultural heritage and monitoring of landslides and fires.
SICUREZZA 2017 event will host the second edition of SICUREZZA Drone Expo, an initiative organised by Mediarkè. Taking part will be a dozen specialised companies from Italy and abroad, presenting the latest technology innovations in the field of drones for security and civil protection.


Talk shows – S News stand, pav. 7, G25-H28
by S News

IOT, smart city, smart building, smart mobility, M2M, industry 4.0, cyber attacks, privacy – all increasingly commonplace in today’s world. The Talk Shows by S News, in the form of a first-time-ever three-day event as part of SICUREZZA, offer a new but crucially important approach with a systematic investigation into how these concepts interrelate, offering insights into not just the potential opportunities and benefits but also the risk aspects, potential vulnerabilities and possible threats. In fact, being aware of what lies behind the evolution of these systems will help us to evaluate and provide suitable protective measures and safeguard data, people and cities in addition to the entire system. Both public and private industry experts, consultants and managers will constructively discuss these topics during the various events.


W la Privacy - pav. 5, T02-U01
by Ethos Media Group

With the new European Privacy Regulation, just recently entered into force, the security market and its professionals will be required to make some adjustments: they must be aware of how this could affect the video surveillance sector and the extent to which it will involve installers, designers and all companies within the industry. Ethos Media Group – publisher of a&s Italy magazine – will discuss this important issue at SICUREZZA 2017 through a series of events organised by the company itself and sponsored by Federprivacy. During the event, a dedicated arena will see a busy schedule of meet-ups, alternating a more upbeat style – taking a less serious look at the risks to make them understandable to a wider audience – with a more academic and institutional approach. Audit privacy is a brand-new initiative: visitors and exhibitors will be able to get a preliminary verification and initial check-up (free of charge and directly at the fair) on the compliance of their company’s privacy policy in the light of the new European Regulation, which will enter into force on 25 May 2018 alongside the penalty package. The initiative will be coordinated by Ethos Academy, which has created a team of independent expert professionals – Ethos Academy Network – selected for their high professionalism and multidisciplinary approach.  The network includes well-established Italian and international senior consultants and junior consultants selected among brilliant professionals specialising in IT and legal disciplines. After every audit, the network will issue the report result to the interested person.



Pav. 3

Without doubt some of this edition’s novelty lies in the fact it is being held at the same time as Smart Building Expo, the event dedicated to smart buildings, which integrates and increases the offer of SICUREZZA, developing interesting synergies. Discover the event content and programmes at www.smartbuildingexpo.it



Stella Polare Conference Centre

Running concurrently with SICUREZZA will be ITASSICURA: an insurance industry conference and exhibition on 16 and 17 November. A series of conferences, workshops and meetings will address and investigate issues related to the radical changes taking place in the financial, technological, environmental and operational aspects of insurance that are causing deep institutional changes in the industry. ITASSICURA visitors participating in the two days of meetings will have the opportunity to meet leading representatives of the main insurance companies, trade associations, industry players and the media. Admission is free. For more information: www.itassicura.it.



16 November
10.15, Martini room
Insurance and services – Coverage as a customer service

14.30, Aquarius room
How to reduce insurance litigation. Insurance arbitration

14.30, Sagittarius room
Construction, security and safety. Opportunities for construction, insurance and social security

14.30, Scorpio room
Agents and Brokers. The future of the insurance brokerage business in the world of e-commerce


17 November

10.15, Martini room
The social and economic role of the insurer. New market needs

14.30, Aquarius room
Cyber Risk and Cyber Security

14.30, Sagittarius room
Brainstorming on the future of claims, expert evaluations and evaluation companies

14.30, Scorpio room
The safety of works of art and ancient documents

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