Press Release



SICUREZZA 2017 has provided a complete offering, where everyone could find the answer to their needs. Business, training, integrated solutions, novelties, and previews were the focus of the three-day event that operators, exhibitors, and visitors have helped make a major event in this industry.

The 2017 edition of Fiera Milano’s international biennial exhibition dedicated to security and fire ended with great satisfaction for exhibitors, visitors, and organisers. For the first time, the event took place alongside SMART BUILDING EXPO, the event organised by Fiera Milano and Pentastudio dedicated to the concept of smart building.

And the figures prove this success: 25,569 professional visitors (+35% compared to the previous edition), 465 exhibitors (+40%) distributed across three pavilions (versus 2 in 2015).

“The results of this edition of SICUREZZA – explained Giuseppe Garri, Exhibition Manager of the event – and the positive feedback from participants on the quality of both business and content, demonstrate that moving the event to odd years, two years ago, worked.”

“A strategy that has kept a keen eye on the international scenario – added Garri – and has received an incredible response, with the number of foreign exhibitors up 48% and the number of international visitors also on the rise. All this confirms and consolidates SICUREZZA’s role in Europe’s trade fair scenario, especially in the Mediterranean Basin.”

But such an event cannot be read just through statistics. The quality of the offering and the vast array of solutions have placed SICUREZZA 2017 at the centre of this industry at a very interesting time for those who want to exploit technological development to seize new opportunities.

Over the three days of the event, the spotlight was on video surveillance and the many AI applications that make systems even more efficient and multifunctional; access control and its combination of design and advanced technology, such as biometric recognition; passive security and mechatronic locks that can be controlled from your smartphone; anti-intrusion systems, which are increasingly user-friendly and integrated into other home or building functions; and fire protection, which is cutting out an increasingly predominant role with the presentation of the latest solution for detecting and putting out fire. Solutions for increasingly smarter cities also drew a lot of attention. These solutions ensure high-end services and comfort, as well as technologies that can be used to fight terrorism and improve security in urban areas. Even drones have demonstrated, in this edition of SICUREZZA, how security really takes off with them when it comes to monitoring and rescue.

Whether we are protecting our home or ensuring the freedom of those who feel threatened by possible acts of terrorism, or even defending our natural heritage from environmental disasters, today’s challenge focuses on the integration of highly innovative technologies and flexible solutions that have been tailored to work in any application field and be managed in any situation, even remotely.

This evolution could be seen even among the stands, which were very different from the ones at the past editions of SICUREZZA. Homes, roads, cities, and offices were recreated to illustrate the good practices and solutions applied. This way, operators could understand how the new technologies perform and how they can be integrated. 

Over the three days of SICUREZZA and SMART BUILDING EXPO, there was also room for professional updating, which has become just as important as developing new solutions to be competitive. The two events offered 150 sessions with the participation of over 2500 operators, thereby meeting the needs of security professionals and building designers, who must have technical skills and in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies to provide suitable and tailored solutions. The sessions focused on hot topics, such as privacy and the new European regulation; security in vertical markets, such retail; the use of technology to fight terrorism; security in cities, and the role of the Public Administration. There was the opportunity to delve into technical and regulatory issues, cyber security, and the role of artificial intelligence in the management of security systems. Insights into fire protection were also provided.

The synergy with highly qualified industry players, professional associations, and editors, as well as the rich training programme, themed areas, and initiatives, proved to be a huge success. They also offered an alternative point of view, drawing interest to hot topics, such as privacy, cyber security, smart cities, retail, and even drones, new materials for smart cities, and the advantages of technology integration, which involve other projects and partnerships to provide complementary services and solutions. Interactive spaces full of information and opportunities to share and have fun created the ideal setting for networking and make new professional contacts.


The partnership between SICUREZZA and SMART BUILDING EXPO, the event for the building automation industry organised by Fiera Milano and Pentastudio, was a success. It was an opportunity to improve SICUREZZA’s offering and create an interesting synergy with the world of smart building networking, for which security is an increasingly important aspect. Both exhibitors and visitors had the chance to find a broad overview of the complex smart building market all in one place, without having to chase other events specialising in particular niches.

Together with SICUREZZA, SMART BUILDING EXPO has clarified its original focus: integration. This means providing a completely new work model that brings together the interests of an articulated supply chain based on a partnership strategy, which identifies its growth potential no longer in the sale and installation of individual products but in the pursuit of a common base among the different professional figures involved (designers, manufacturers, technology developers, and installers) and the development of structured solutions for buildings. And the many associations and their members at the event didn’t miss this opportunity.

This way, SMART BUILDING EXPO has consolidated the concept of smart building as a factor in technological progress, which can drive economic growth and raise awareness about the need for a cultural leap for the world of design, installation, and construction, as well as an essential resource for the development of the ultra broadband plan in Italy.


The growing importance of the security industry was also demonstrated by ITASSICURA, a two-day event organised by 3C Advertising in partnership with Osservatorio, an online magazine dedicated to insurance sector professionals. This sector is becoming increasingly synergistic with the security segment, which is currently experiencing a period of great transformation with implications for the industry as a whole.

Save the date! The next SICUREZZA and SMART BUILDING EXPO events will be held in two years, from 13 to 15 November 2019.