Press Release



In an era where security is becoming a vital factor in every field and on every level, the role of security professionals is changing and evolving to respond to the ever-increasing need for specific, tailor-made solutions. In fact people who design and install security and video surveillance systems are becoming key players in increasingly close collaborations with companies, project managers and end users. A world in which planners and installers are becoming ‘consultants who can recommend the most suitable solutions, establishing an on-going relationship based on trust with the client.

Sector updates and training have become a fundamental necessity, so this is why, in collaboration with some of the principal sector associations, publishers and companies, SICUREZZA 2017 (Fiera Milano, 15-17 November), has organised over 100 appointments aimed at these professionals, providing them with an opportunity to gain and share knowledge about some of the hottest topics of the moment, get an overview of the current sector trends and discover the new technologies on the market. A high-quality programme of events, some of which will enable intrusion and antitheft experts, experienced and newly graduated industrial surveyors, engineers and architects to acquire education credits, keep up-to-date with the training requirements and upgrade their professional profile.


In a market that no longer wants standalone products and services, but customised solutions specifically designed for the context in which they are installed, the tradeshow couldn’t be without appointments that focus on the integration of different technologies and custom-made vertical proposals designed to meet the specific needs of the end user.

Obviously, cities and urban centres are some of the higher risk areas, but the concept of urban security is taking on a much broader meaning: it’s a challenge that the public administration has been facing for many years now and, with the advent of Smart cities, broadens its horizons even further, becoming part of a complex system that has to be able to manage numerous metropolitan functions that go beyond simply fighting crime, entering the realm of the accessibility of services and information, mobility, energy-saving and the environment. A topic that is very important for SICUREZZA, which this year will be particularly focused on two appointments: one organised by ANCI Lombardia in collaboration with Fiera Milano, which involves the presentation of a recent survey conducted on Comuni Lombardi, and another which explains the work carried out by the Observatory for the Creation of Smart & Safe City Models in Italian Cities, which will be measuring the results of the implementation of the international ISO 37120 certification guidelines, proposed to the regional and  metropolitan authorities that will be participating in the project.

The management of the cities has led to an increase in the need for private surveillance, which is increasingly viewed as a valid support for law enforcement agencies. In fact, SICUREZZA will not only be talking about surveillance’s role in managing the emigration phenomenon, but also the legal requirements, the scenarios in which it is used and the new opportunities for sector professionals.

Meanwhile, Security for Retail, which is now on its third edition, will be exploring the theme of security in shops and shopping centres and money management. An opportunity for retail professionals and technology producers to meet and also get an in-depth overview of the standard and bespoke vertical solutions for sales points that are currently available the market. Furthermore, the event will be an opportunity to ‘share new ideas and explore new needs” and also present the preliminary results of the Retail Sector Inventory Method Differences in Italy, carried out by Crime&Tech (Università Cattolica of Milan) and Laboratorio per la Sicurezza (Security Laboratory).


In a year like 2017, the event could not be without a focus on counter-terrorism and the new strategies for facing terrorist threats. A theme that reaches out into every field, especially infrastructure, high-risk areas and urban centres. This topic will be directly and indirectly explored in many of the events, from both a strategic and technical perspective, through the presentation of specific solutions by specialist anti-terror experts and researchers, who will discuss the measures in place in our country to prepare for or face threats that at times can be so insidious they almost appear to be inevitable, and evaluate additional tools and procedures that can be adopted to avoid future attacks.  


In a sector where the integration of systems that dialogue with technology has become a reality, there also has to be a moment of reflection on how this will affect security, not just in terms of physical and logical security, but also how security becomes a key element in guaranteeing protection, the need for constant surveillance in every setting, privacy, efficiency and improved performance. This is why cybersecurity has become a priority for preventing hacker attacks, cybercrime, managing safety and data vulnerabilities of IOT systems, right the way through to more technical themes.


From the Internet of Things to intelligent machines that can provide advanced analysis, SICUREZZA 2017 also provides plenty of opportunities to reflect on the future of artificial intelligence and the repercussions that this technology – which is already a reality – will have on the protection of people, ‘things’ and information.


Compliance with regulations and certification are fundamental elements if you want to distinguish yourself as a serious professional. This programme of meetings will explore the many changes that are revolutionising the sector, particularly in the field of privacy. With the new EU regulations that recently came into force, the security market and its professionals have been forced to adapt and get up-to-date on the principal repercussions of video surveillance and, consequently, the responsibility that each individual installer, planner and company holds.

All this will be discussed thoroughly during the W la Privacy initiative, a training programme that will provide in-depth information on various themes, such as video surveillance in the workplace and the Worker’s Statute. Over the three-day event, there will also be appointments on the evolution of the various professional figures, certificates and regulations, the new role of installers and security managers and the soft skills that the new role of ‘security consultant’ will require.


Alongside the vast array of exhibition stands, there will also be a growing number of conventions on fire systems, an offer that has been part of the tradeshow for many years, but this year it is a theme that has become more topical and important than ever before. In a sector where both technology and the human factor play a major role, training updates for personnel have become fundamental. With this in mind, there will be a number of meetings to reflect on the profession and learn about the new solutions on the market, including talks on technical and legal requirements, periodical maintenance and client-supplier relationships.


For the first time, SICUREZZA will be held alongside the SMART BUILDING EXPO, a tradeshow that will provide a broad overview on vertical cabling, applications for the Internet of Things and system integration standards, right the way through to Audio Video, digital signage and BIM planning.

An event that is not merely an exhibition, but a series of high-quality, content-rich training programmes, many of which will provide attendees with training credits, allowing sector professionals to acquire valuable information about their area of activity and explore this highly innovative sector, where digital technology has not only become a tool for increasing the value of property but also assists in the energy-saving and environmental development process.

A vast range of highly symbolic and practical initiatives that will open with a new event organised by ANITEC and Assimpredil ANCE, which will present the guidelines for the correct implementation of Article 135a of the Testo Unico dell’Ediliza building law, or more precisely the adaption of buildings for the reception of ultra-broadband. An aid specifically devised for construction companies, planners and PA technicians, that fosters the alliance between some of the key professional figures in order to achieve the integration between the world of construction and telecommunications and promote intelligent buildings. The Ministry of Economic Development will also be unveiling the ‘Edificio predisposto alla banda larga’ (Broadband-ready Buildings) brand, an element foreseen in Article 135a of the same article. The event will close with the presentation of the 2017 Smart Building Award, which will be awarded to the best works created in Italy from 1 January 2013 until 1 July 2017.

But this rich programme will also investigate many other themes of interest for the sector, including Audio Video Control, Smart Lighting, energy-saving, the efficiency of telecommunications systems, big data management, digital signage, regulations, state-of-the art systems and Building Information Modelling.

In the case of the latter, over the three afternoons of the tradeshow, SICUREZZA and SMART BUILDING EXPO will be promoting a substantial and articulate programme, on topics ranging from BIM, a key tool for integrating and correctly maintaining the systems, right the way through to Building Management System (BMS), which thanks to special monitoring sensors, manages multiple aspects of the building, such as environmental air quality, access permission, energy parameters in relation to environmental comfort, and the critical theme of electronic device security.

This rich programme will be completed by a series of seminars, led by KNX Italia, a reference point for HDBaseT (the industry standard for high-speed, uncompressed data connections) system builders and integrators, and ANAPI, the national association for professional property managers, which is one of key players in the rise and acceptance of smart buildings, and finally, technical workshops from the Smart Installer programme.


Furthermore, on the 16th and 17th of November at the Stella Polare Conference Centre of Fiera Milano, ITASSICURA will be held, an appointment for insurance professionals, a sector that is undergoing an enormous period of transformation, increasingly merging with the field of security, with major implications for the entire sector. A series of conventions and workshops that will investigate the themes of the radical financial, technological, operational and environmental changes in the insurance sector, including cybersecurity, art work security, the influence of IOT on the future of insurance in the case of driverless cars and smart homes, right the way through to the close relationship between the security and building world.