An evolving market with prospects for growth and an exhibition project tailored to the sector. The professionalism and the passion of all involved did the rest.
Since the numbers for SICUREZZA 2017 are not simply statistics, but the result of the hard work of many different individuals.

The perfect SICUREZZA 2017 ‘selfie’ includes everyone: the professionalism of the over 25,000 visitors in attendance, the determination of the 465 exhibitors, the authority of the sector associations, the knowledge of the specialised publishers and the attention from the Italian and international media to a sector that is becoming increasingly present in our everyday lives and that represents excellence within the field of advanced applied technologies. Then we have the polls carried out by the IPSOS researchers who obtained an overview of the perception of security in Italy, as well as those from ANCILAB, who looked into Lombard Comunes as a benchmark for the diffusion of the technologies throughout the region. We cannot forget the competence of the Forces of Order and Armed Forces, who brought their vehicles, alongside the various specialists and leading authorities, in addition to the added value of contemporaneity owing to the debut of the brilliant SMART BUILDING EXPO.

A result that has come after a long journey, which also includes a change of schedule; as of the 2015 edition, the event now takes place in odd-numbered years, so as to be better positioned in the international calendar of reference, and has, above all, seen an ever closer dialogue with all the various market organisations: associations, publishers, companies and distributors.

Since integration, in addition to being a technological process is, above all, a theme that alters sector-related professional relationships, rendering them more comprehensive, close and continual.

It is this new mentality that took hold during the three-day fair: more specifically, it breathed life into the numerous and popular training proposals, which included workshops, conventions and events. There is a real desire for growth, renewal, understanding and experimentation. The new Privacy Regulation led to original scenarios, the paradigm of the Smart City changes our cities and the way that they evolve even from an administrative point of view, Cyber Security pervades the display of solutions and everything conveys new skills, opportunities for growth and promising prospects for the future.

All of this becomes the premise for the next edition, as each successful event forms the basis on which to build the next. The next appointment for everyone has therefore been scheduled to take place from the 13th to the 15th of November 2019. To experience a new slice of the future together.