Access control (card readers, biometric equipment, etc.)
Alarm stations (single and multifunctional)
Alarm transmission systems (telephone diallers, radios, etc.)
Anti-intrusion and burglary lighting
Armoured doors, windows and shutters
Audio and video transmission cables
Barriers, entrances and turnstiles
Business Intelligence
Cables for security systems
Central alarm systems and remote surveillance
Closed circuit television systems (CCTV)
Cyclic commutation systems
Image transmission systems
Indoor perimeter detector
Internet Video-surveillance
Machines and equipment for processing and duplication of mechanical and electronic keys
Microwaves radio-bridges
Motor vehicle theft prevention systems (electronic and mechanical)
Optic and acoustic signals (flashing lights, sirens, etc)
Outdoor perimeter detectorog
Outdoor perimeter protection (physical and electronic)
Radio equipment, antennas and telecommunications
Remote controlled alarm stations
Satellite location and monitoring of vehicles and goods
Security fog
Security system installation and integration
Self regulating heating cable
Sensors for special applications (removal of paintings, etc.)
Uninterrupted power supplies (UPS)
Various types of locks and locking systems
Vehicle parking lot security management
Video analytics
Video cameras and accessories (optics, cases, traverses, etc.)
Video matrices
Video recorders
Video stations and control panels
Volumetric sensors
Wall safes
Wireless alarm systems
Other accessories

Baggage inspection equipment
Detector and inspection equipment
Drug detection equipment
Environment Reclamation
Explosive detectors
Explosion protection
Measuring equipment for radiation
Radioactivity detectors
Weapon detectors and metal detectors

Authentication Systems
Business Continuity
Content Monitoring/Filtering
Direct Attached Storage
Disaster Recovery
Disk Management
Email Filtering
Identity Management
Internet Security
Managed Security
Attached Storage (NAS)
Network security
Printers, scanners and mobile terminals for barcode
RFID Systems and smart labels
Security Certifications
Security Database
Smart Cards
Software and Hardware for data acquisition
Storage Area Network
Storage Management
Token USB
Trusted system
Virtual Private Networks

Alarm management systems
Alarm transmission systems
Blast protection systems and equipment
Electric, oleodynamic and manual monitoring installations
Electronic and manual alarm signals
Emergency door handles
Emergency lighting
Explosion telephone sets
Extinguishing agents
Fire detector testing equipment
Fire doors
Fire doors devices for electromagnetic retention
Fire-extinguishing chemicals
Fire-fighting products and equipment
Fire-fighting vehicles, hydrants, products and materials for fire fighters
Fire-resistant and fire-retardant material
Fire-resistant containers and cabinets
Fire-resistant, non-toxic cables and cable ducts
Fire retardant and insulating substances
Fire retardant yarns and fabrics
Gas alarm management systems
Gas detection
Hydrants mounted cabinets
Insulating partitions
Manual and automatic fire-extinguishing systems and components
Optic and acoustic alarm signals
Protective garments, suits, gloves and flame extinguishing blankets
Safety signs
Smoke and heat evacuation systems and control devices
Smoke detectors, heat detectors and flame detectors
Water barriers
Water power plants
Waterproof telephone sets
Other fire prevention devices

Attendance and time control
Audio-video communications (video conferencing, etc.)
Automatic movement, ratio-motors and gear motors
Blind, grill and shutter automation
Bus and structured wiring systems
Climate control and management
Control and management of consumption
Control and management of electric power, gas, water and other utilities
Domotics for the elderly and disables
Electronic door and gate automation equipment
Gas detectors
Hydraulic and electro-mechanical door and gate automation equipment
Key management
Lighting control and management
Non-residential Building Automation
Residential Building Automation - Domotics
Sound diffusion systems
Video and audio door phones
Water leakage detectors

Active control
Aircraft trial sites
Echo-proof chambers
Industrial screens
Man cabin and insulated control rooms
Measuring laboratories
Noise doors
Noise insulating units for industry
Noise masking
Noise-proofing and insulation, materials
Road and railway noise walls
Trial rooms for aircraft motors
Ventilation and conditioning: noise grids
Wall coatings

Antidust filters
Antigas filters
Chest protection
Compressed-air supply installations for respiration or aircraft
Ear protectors
Eye and face protection
Fall prevention
Filtering electric breathing air
Foot and leg protection
Hand and arm protection
Hearing protection
Life jackets
Open-cycle and closed-cycle breathing aid
Protective garments
Quick-release footwear
Respiratory apparatus protection
Safety boots
Safety footwear
Safety helmets
Uniforms and liveries for private security and police

Professional radio products and systems
ATEX - Professional radio products and systems
Maintenance services
Software for monitoring telecommunication systems
Tracking devices and fleet management
Radio systems and telecommunication

Aerial drones (helical structures, planars, hybrids)
Marine drones
Terrestrial drones (Rover)
Electronics (sensors, radio controller telemetry)
Equipments, parts and components
CBT (Simulators and trainers)
Remotely piloted systems
Software for drones control
Software for processing of connected data

24-hour cashiers
Armour-clad counters
Armour-clad storage units (safes, cabinets, chambers, etc.)
Automated cashiers (bank machines, etc)
Automation for high-risk businesses (banks, post offices distributors, etc.)
Boxes for valuables
Bullet-proof vests
Cash-in/Cash-out systems for cashiers
Containers for transportation of valuables
Crime-proof and vandal-proof glass
Electronic commerce hardware and software
Filing systems for valuables (document filing chambers, etc.)
Handling of cash and valuables
Home mailboxes
Integrated compasses
Key and combination locks for armourclad storage units
Locks for valuables
Mobile and stationary anti-attack transceiver systems
Motor vehicle armouring systems and products
Opening systems (combination, automatic, etc.)
Physical and electronic protection
Polycarbonate plates
Pneumatic post systems
Products and systems for restoration of surfaces damaged by vandalism
Reflective materials
Remote banking
Safe display cases
Safe packaging systems for airports, department stores, etc.
Safe sensors (selective micro phones, etc.)
Safe umbrella stand
Safety deposit boxes with mechanical and electronic opening systems
Security equipment for professional vehicles
Shoplifting prevention
Special vehicles
Transport safety
Uniforms and accessories for security personnel
Other products and systems for high-risk businesses

Audio treatment and recording systems
Card values and security cards
Colorimeter phials
Correspondence control systems
Document shredders
Electronic signature systems
Equipment for administration and control of documents, films and photographs
Firewall data protection
Industrial (and non-industrial) counterespionage systems
Information security
Prevention of forgery
Security seals
Telephone line control systems

Associations and Consortium
Burglar and fire: consulting, design and training
Civil and environmental protection services
Consulting and service companies
Door-keeping and guardian services
Gathering and recycling of exhausted lamps
Insurance Companies
Intelligence Service
Investigation services
Management software for plant design and maintenance companies
Management software for plant design companies
Management software for Surveillance Institutes
Monitoring of transportation of dangerous goods
Normative, certification and test bodies
Professional training information desk
Public bodies
Remote support and control services
Specialist services and solutions in the world of electricity
Static and mobile telephony services
Surveillance services
Technical and sector publications
Traffic management and traffic violation control systems
Transportation and storage of valuables and works of art

Combined lighting devices
Indicator lights
Indoor Lighting - emergencies
Safety lights
Other lighting

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