Flexibility and versatility are the key words when it comes to security systems. The new products meet the most demanding requirements, from homes to shops, from industrial locations to remote sites that require protection. An example of this is Beyond, the new outdoor sensor, which will be presented at SICUREZZA 2017.

One of the first things to do to protect a building, whether it’s a home, office, or industrial location, is to cover the external area so as to prevent burglary. State-of-the-art outdoor sensors can detect intruders before they reach the building. We are talking about advanced products, which can distinguish an unwanted visitor from an animal, and thus, prevent false alarms. Moreover, they can resist the harshest weather conditions and feature a new and pleasant design.

SICUREZZA 2017 will present RISCO Group’s new smart outdoor sensor, which can be used for applications that range from private homes to small shops or remote sites and large business premises, as it integrates RISCO’s patented technologies. This sensor protects driveways, gardens, swimming pools, and roofs from unauthorised access and it resists the harshest weather conditions. That’s why, it’s the best tool to protect remote and unattended buildings, such as secondary premises and antennas, from acts of vandalism or theft of valuable materials, such as copper, batteries, or fuel. Beyond drastically reduces false alarms, thanks to the dual technology (DT), and combines two K-band microwave channels and two PIR channels to recognise and ignore swaying objects (SRT Sway Recognition™), such as branches and shrubs. Moreover, it ignores sudden light shifts thanks to the Direct Sunlight Immunity technology, which is based on an exclusive algorithm.

Beyond comes wired, but soon it will also be available in radio version with integrated colour camera. It’s ideal for private homes and it can support the next generation high-definition visual check system. Moreover, it can be activated via iRISCO smartphone app, web browser, or vigilance.