BIM (Building Information Modelling) is not just a tool for building designers, but it’s a true method, a different way to conceive the building. It allows you to understand the yield and performance of a building before its construction and thus to choose the best shape, materials, and technologies. BIM is a platform shared by designers, which allows them to work in parallel and, thereby, in a more organic way.

It’s a true revolution that SICUREZZA is proud to present this year. On this regard, there will be a series of meetings called “The building digital revolution - BIM: Plant design innovation”.

These meetings will be a true free course, which will take place on 15, 16, and 17 November in the afternoon, and will provide professional training credits.

The three conferences have been organised by Euroconference and Pentastudio, and sponsored by the National Council of Engineers, in collaboration with Ingenio magazine and Fiera Milano. It will be an opportunity to learn more about BIM, as an important tool for the integration of systems and their maintenance, BMS (Building Management System) – which monitors and manages the building in multiple ways, such as the state of the room air, the number and quality of the entrances, energy and comfort parameters – and device security.

Prominent figures from the academic, professional, and institutional worlds will clarify different aspects regarding regulations and library, the consequence of phenomena as digitalisation and IoT, both in terms of planning and data protection. It will also be an opportunity to learn about the progress of the BIM Decree, which should regulate its mandatory application within public contracts.