Say domotics read home comfort. But that's not all. Offices, shops, companies, old buildings used as museums, sport centres, and SPAs: domotics is the solution to improve the quality of the work environment, ensure greater safety, and save energy. Kblue has applied its technology to the enhancement and recovery of Italy’s cultural heritage.

The Arsenals of the Republic were an ancient complex of buildings dated back to the XII century destined to the construction and repair of the galleys of the ancient Republic of Pisa. The recovery project (started in 2011 and completed in 2016) was carried out combining technology, domotics, elegance and aesthetics while respecting the historical heritage. Today, the Arsenals of the Republic have maintained the original architecture while integrating state-of-the-art automation systems, becoming an example of a modern and sustainable requalification concept. Kblue, a Veneto-based company specialising in domotics, which took part in the requalification project, will present their latest products at SICUREZZA 2017.

Kblue’s domotic solutions were used for the Arsenals in Pisa to manage different requirements, such as the lighting systems. Surfaces with large windows were made to bring back the original splendour of the Arsenals of the Republic in Pisa. To ensure the current use of the building, openings have been included on the roof to lighten the interiors and create charming environments. Based on all these factors, the lighting system had to be suitable for controlling the gradation of light in the room, which combines artificial and natural lighting, managing lights with timed controls, controlling artificial lighting with presence sensors reusing volumetric sensors in the room, and managing light effects to improve the environment features and include sensorial paths.

Moreover, the project involved the management of radiant heating systems (underfloor) and cooling systems through fan coils (41 fan coils with inverter technology) and underfloor installation. ETH-KBLUE domotic system controls the dew point with humidity sensors installed in the room and, combined with a cutting edge temperature regulation system, it optimises comfort during the summer. The modulating control of mixing valves allows the temperature regulation system to adapt to the building requirements. It’s the most efficient regulation system, as it ensures greater energy savings.

In terms of security, the intruder alarm system controls the entrances and exits, the artificial lighting (by means of presence sensors reusing volumetric sensors in the room), and the opening of the windows to ensure energy saving.

The connection between security system, light system, and temperature control system has considerably increased the efficiency of the automation system, in compliance with directive UNI-EN 15232.